Smudging Sage Sticks

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Since ancient times, people of all faiths and walks of life have been burning herbs to purify spaces and each other. Traditionally, sage is burned to clear space of negative energy feelings and even spirits. This is refrred to as smudging. You just light the tip on fire, blow out the flame, and let it smolder. Smudging after an argument or any significant occurrence in a room is always a good idea. A practice for moving into a new home and last thing when moving out.


Sage & Lavender: Used in Cleansing, purification, chasity and to promote healing sleep.

Sage & Sweet Grass (Sweet Grass- a Popular with native Americas sweet grass is considered to be a sacred plant and used as a healing ingredient. Used in cleansing, balance and harmony.

Sage & Frankincense: Used in cleansing, and sacred consecration.